community and families

Family and community have always been central to what we do

in partnership with families

We have a strong partnership with our families and acknowledge that families are the primary influence on a child’s development.

Our friendly and professional educators welcome interactions with families. We love hearing about your child’s interests and activities at home, holidays and special milestones so that we can incorporate them into your child’s day.


Building warm relationships with our families through regular, ongoing and open communication is our top priority.

Gilly Klein


Gillys app

Gilly’s has developed a bespoke app to ensure parent/ educator communication is consistent, reliable and relevant. You’ll be able to see our program, send us messages and feedback, track your child’s day through pictures, videos and updates including sleep, food, nappy changes,  and more!

“Experiencing BELONGING

To know who you are and where you come from – is integral to human existence” – EYLF

extended family 

Whether it’s Birthday parties, Grandparent and Special Friends Day, end of year concerts or simply at drop off or pick up times, our doors are always open to extended family.)


We value community connections such as our partnership with the PJ Library, Jewish Care and Emmy Monash whose aged residents are honoured visitors at our centre.


Visits to the Police station, local post box, our neighbour’s sukkah, the local park, library and even a local bus ride to name a few. 

Training partner

With a reputation of providing an outstanding model for training future childcare educators, we are a preferred host for mentorship from institutions such as Monash University, RMIT, Swinburne, Holmesglen.


Safety and security are of the utmost importance and priority. We liaise with CSG (Community Security Group) who update and advise us on security matters and provide ongoing training for all our educators on evacuation and lockdown procedures.