It all started with a little red car and a small backyard….

About Gillys

Some 30 years ago, Gilly Klein was a stay at home who was asked to look after a few kids in her own home. From those humble beginnings, Gillys is now an award-winning centre, renown in the community for high-quality education and care to children from the age of 6 months to over 3 years of age.

“Childhood is a time to BE, to seek and make meaning of the world” – EYLF

Our Rooms

“We take great pride in providing interactive and stimulating age-appropriate programs for children aged 6 months to over 3 years of age”

Group Aleph

“We consider it an honour and privilege to work with children in their first year of life. That’s why we work closely with parents to make sure the routines and familiarities of home transition as smoothly as possible from your home to our home”

Group Beis

“Building trust is everything and we make it our priority to make children feel safe and secure. There is no greater job satisfaction we can gain than having children come running in with arms open wide to see us” 

Group Gimel

“Group Gimel is when we really see the independence and personality shine through.  A lot of planning goes into our program planning to ensure children are stimulated and can’t wait to come back tomorrow” 

Group Daled

“Home to the first transitional kinder in the area, we are constantly innovating to find ways to challenge and stimulate these growing minds and bodies” 

3 Outdoor play areas

We believe nature provides endless moments for learning. With 3 outdoor play areas, we have built an abundance of natural learning opportunities into our program so children have ample opportunity to explore and stimulate their growing sense of imagination.

We are proudly committed to creating aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environments in our centre. Our freshwater ponds, vegetable patch, garden arches and wormery are a constant source of intrigue and education.

Providing children with access to animals in an education and care service can help them learn about the life cycle and relationships, and improve communication.” (Quality Area 3 | Keeping pets and animals in education and care services)

meet Our

menagerie of Pets

“Observing, interacting with and learning to care for an animal can be a valuable part of a child’s education and care experience, enriching their learning.” (ACEQA-Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority)




birds, fish, chooks, guinea pigs…

“Encouraging direct contact and developing bonds with animals, can help children build empathy (Thompson and Gullone, 2003, p.175).

cooked with love

Our dedicated chef, Yossi has a passion for fitness and healthy eating. Yossi takes real pride in presenting quality foods that not only taste good but are good for you

Our menu was designed under the guidance of registered dieticians with parental input and in consultation with the Healthy Eating Advisory Service. 

We offer a 3 week rotating vegetarian kosher menu using a wide variety of seasonal produce and organic and whole foods whenever possible. Through our garden to kitchen program, we encourage children to take care of natural produce from seed to plate, through which they learn about sustainability and healthy eating.