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EYLF Australia

Meet Our Team

Our educators are our most precious resource. The breadth of their experience and the level of their training, along with their own personal attributes, places them in excellent stead for providing the quality standard of care that our centre is known for and aspires to.

We ensure our educators receive regular and relevant professional development sessions to empower them to continue creating exciting programs and learning environments for your children.

Staff rosters also receive our careful attention and are founded on the principle that children need to feel safe and secure in their environment to explore and learn effectively.

Gili Klein


Talli Kimelman

Coordinator / Educational Officer / Parent Advisor

Sharona Lindell

Account and Enrolment Officer

Shternie Schapiro

Jewish Studies Coordinator

Work with Us

We believe consistency and continuity is a vital component of quality care. Our centre enjoys long standing staff, but we are always looking for more dedicated members to join our passionate and outstanding team.

Please send us your resume.

Learn with Us

Training and education is an important part of our centre. We welcome all looking for inspiration and guidance in their Early Childhood careers.

To join us for student placement or to attend one of our Educator Training workshops please don’t hesitate to contact us.