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Gilly's Early Learning Centre, an award winning centre, is renowned in the community for the high quality education and care that they provide children from the age of 6 months

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It all started with one little red bike and a backyard.

Now, Gilly’s Early Learning Centre is a renowned educational institution providing excellence in childcare and education to Melbourne’s Jewish community for over 20 years.

Achieving the coveted ‘Exceeding National Standards’ in all 7 Quality Areas of the National Quality Standards. Our award-winning centre and educators combine all the best attributes of quality and holistic care providing a home away from home for your child.

With Judaism at the core of everything we do, we take pride in providing an integrated general and Jewish studies program reflecting the heritage and culture of our centre community.


Gilly’s Early Learning Centre is a long established Child Care Centre whose primary aim is to provide excellence in childcare and education within an Orthodox Jewish framework. The centre operates according to the principles of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and has adopted the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) as a guide to their learning curriculum .The underpinning principle of the framework is that children need a strong sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

At Gillys, our program is based on the individual child’s emerging interests and developmental level. We believe that providing a rich, stimulating, flexible and supportive learning environment with many opportunities to succeed, helps foster children’s strong self-identities. This is further achieved through fostering warm, trusting relationships, affirmation and respect for all key aspects of their being (physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative, linguistic and spiritual) through the practice of having high expectations of each child.

We take pride in the rich, spiritually stimulating integrated general and Jewish studies program, which reflects our centre families’ commitment to their heritage. It is primarily based on the Jewish calendar (Chagim) through which general topics of interest and relevance to the children are interwoven e.g. At Chanukah time we are not only teaching the children the custom of lighting Menorot but of the safety aspects of fire as well.

We believe our long-standing educators are our strongest asset. We are proud of our passionate, loving, caring team who are committed to the centre’s values.We provide regular professional development to ensure that a high level of professionalism and skills are maintained.

We acknowledge families as the primary influence on their child’s development. We embrace this concept by actively promoting warm, respectful relationships between centre and families through ongoing communication, our bespoke app, parent teacher interviews, the exchange of health, educational, and core family values. We actively encourage both immediate and extended family participation in programs, activities and events taking place within the centre.

We are committed to educating acceptance of others, cultural diversity and forging connections with the wider community. Our partnership with Jewish Care, whose aged residents are regular visitors to our centre, is an example of this. We encourage all children, regardless of age, special needs, gender, social status or family structure to participate in all aspects of the program.

We are proud to be committed to the ideal of creating, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environments. Our fresh water ponds, vegetable patch, garden arches, wormery are examples of this. We firmly believe that providing children with opportunities for caring for our large variety of pets help them develop empathy for all living beings.

We believe in every child’s right to safety and are committed to the safe guarding and protection of children in accordance with the Child Protection Policy and the Betrayal of Trust Implementation under the Criminal Law reform.

We endeavour to have a sensible approach to risk, where children are provided with opportunities for challenges to build resilience and gain mindfulness about their surrounding environment. Risk benefit assessments are routinely conducted with a view to balance the desire for children to explore and experiment in an appropriate manner.

We promote the practice of using nontoxic cleaning products and up cycling materials wherever possible to ensure a healthy, sustainable environment for children.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions on any aspect of our program and are deeply committed to the ongoing quality improvement of our service

Our Mission

To strive passionately for excellence and quality outcomes for all,
in terms of childcare education and care.